Status Indicator Panel

Product Overview

The Status Indicator is a remote module lending itself to a wide variety of warning and alarm applications.

Features & Benefits

  • User selectable window text
  • Three warning levels
  • Clear indication of increasing hazard
  • Slave relays for further operations
  • Robust and weatherproof

Additional Information

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Status Indicator Panel

The Status Indicator is a remote module lending itself to a wide variety of warning and alarm applications. The module provides three user selectable levels of alarm, each having varying audible tones with ‘text selectable’ illuminated window indications. The sounder may be muted at any time with the flashing LED indicators going constant but remaining lit until the alarm condition has cleared. Three relays are available for further repeater or control actions, these relays may be selected to reset with the sounder or remain on with the indicators.

Power Supply 10~30vDC 24v nominal
Optional 115/230v AC (Deep box – D)
Power – full alarm 120mA @24vDC
Quiescent – 10mA
Alarm Signal 5 to 30v + DC
Inputs 4 inputs – 3 alarms and fault
Indicators Long Life High Power LED’s
Two Green LEDs – ON (bottom window)
turning off with any alarm
Option – permanently OFF
Alarm 1
Single Red LED flashing (bottom window)
Green LEDs – OFF
Sounder – intermittent
Alarm 2
3 Red LEDs flashing (middle window)
Sounder – warbling
Alarm 3
5 Red LEDs flashing
Fault indicator
2 Amber LEDs (bottom window)
Sounder – slow intermittent
Sounder Output 87dBs @ 1 metre
Mutable or permanent isolate option
3 Relay Outputs Volt free – SPCO 3A/230vAC
Link option for reset or latched
Other Instruction sheet C1285
Remote reset/mute contacts – N/O
Sounder automatic 10 minute time out
following each new event
Manual test – indicators, sounder & relays
Weight 0.45kg
Enclosure ABS flame retardant FR40
Lid Screws M4-SS
Protection – IP64 (weather proof)
Finish – Signal White RAL 9003
Entries – Rear 5-20mm Ø 2 slot knock-outs,
Base – 20mm plug, sides, top, not specified
Mounting Stand offs – M4 or No.8 screws
Drill at (C) when stand offs removed
Conduit box – drill at (A) 4.5mm
Surface mount box – drill at (B) 4.5mm
Window Text Standard selection/customised/foreign C1263

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