GDS Hyper Terminal 

Within the Combi system there are parameters which have to be set such as the text which describes the location of a particular sensor. Whilst these parameters can be set manually using the buttons, it is quicker and easier to send a text data file from a PC using the RS232 interface via GDS Terminal.

Terminal can be used to setup:

  • GDS Combi
  • GDS101
  • GDS Defender
  • GDS404+
  • GDS GasVac Solo
  • GDS GasVac 305
  • GDS GasVac 306
  • All Combi Sensors
  • IR Sensors
  • CAN Status Indicator Panel

CombiSoft (CombiSoftware)

GDS Technologies CombiSoft is primarily data logging software to store readings from a Combi system on an attached Windows based PC. Used for data acquisition, monitoring and configuration of the Combi addressable gas detection system, CombiSoft is a versatile tool for communicating with the GDS panel from a computer. It allows the user to log unlimited data from all attached sensors on a single Combi system as well as control the system including calibration of sensors. The software is simple to install on a PC with Windows 7 or Windows 10 and requires a single cable connection to the Combi panel (USB to serial).

This download allows access to the monitoring functions of the software only. A prompt will appear for the purchase of a license to access the configuration and data logging features.

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