In House Service / Repair Returns

Procedure for the repair of items
Repair/Calibration – Goods Return

Please find below the procedure for returning items to GDS for repair or calibration.

If goods are to be returned, the Buyer should arrange at their expense a delivery service (special delivery or courier service) which includes insurance to cover for the full amount of the goods / transaction. If the goods are not returned, lost in transit or damaged, the Buyer should claim under their delivery insurance agreement.

All returned items should be accompanied by an order reference number (either your own or an ETN number provided by GDS) and a description of the reason for the return. This can be achieved by means of paperwork sent with the return. If the item(s) are within warranty, all repair work will be free of charge.

If the items are outside the warranty period (13 months from the dispatch date from GDS) then the following charges will apply. ‐ Please note that a quote will be issued, and authorisation required (in the form of a ‘customers purchase order’) before commencement of repair work. Quoted costs will be broken down as follows:

Administration charge ‐ £16.00 per ‘out of warranty item’
Labour ‐ £58.30/hour
Parts / Components
Import Tax
Return Carriage

Please Note:
Should the items be sent from outside the of the UK, could you please mark the delivery note (for customs use) as “items returned to manufacturer for temporary import and repair”. Otherwise customs may hold the parcel, and charge us import tax. This charge will then be forwarded onto yourselves.

Calibration of Portable Monitors

The following costs include standard maintenance and calibration work and production of the associated documentation.

Not included are the cost of any parts required or the cost of special gases, these items will be in addition to the following charges.

Equipment Type Price Excluding Additional Parts

Single Sensor Unit – £92.22
Two in One Unit – £103.35
Three in One Unit – £114.48
Four in One Unit  – £125.61
GDS 550 Trigger Kit Conformity Testing – £100.70

Returns Form

Please Fill out the Returns form below

  • Original Purchase Order No. or GDS Works Order No.
  • (Issued by GDS Technologies Ltd)

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