The GasVac® Solo from GDS:

Setting the Standard for Safe Gas Detection in Challenging Environments

For over 30 years, GDS Technologies has maintained a sharp focus on delivering innovative yet cost effective solutions in the development and manufacture of fixed gas detection equipment. The latest GDS development, the GasVac® Solo single line gas sample unit, provides an effective, reliable way of monitoring gases in restrictive areas or harsh environments not achievable using conventional systems. For example, in a recent project, the GasVac® Solo was successfully deployed by a biotechnology company specialising in food waste recycling where other methods of gas monitoring were proving unreliable due to high humidity sampling.

The GasVac® Solo is an ideal solution for extreme and harsh conditions, monitoring up to five gas types, including Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulphide and VOCs. The multiple functions provide selectable sampling times from 40 second to 10240 second intervals; samples extracted from target areas undergo a selected purge period where the system is flushed with clean air, ensuring the sensor cells are maintained at peak performance. A peristaltic pump completes the process by which moisture is removed at selected timed intervals.

The GasVac® Solo’s three main functions of sampling time, clean air purge time and condensate drain cycle time can be set by the client, determined by the site conditions and sampling requirements. Continuous gas readouts serve to enhance the functionality of the system, with all sensor 4~20mA signals being maintained regardless of the selected function time periods.

The patented micropore sampling (MPS) can complement the GasVac® series of samplers by the integration of a sampling line that can be a continuous length or modular, allowing for multiple ‘single intake point sampling’ or ‘area sampling’ from the entire surface area of the line. Where gas and atmospheric detection systems are often limited in terms of size, capability, and manoeuvrability, the micropore system can be deployed in confined areas such as tunnels as well as perimeter monitoring of storage tanks and monitoring for a mix of lighter and heavier than air gases.

The GasVac® Solo from GDS Technologies offers a low-cost solution together with superior reliability, serving to protect against toxic, flammable and asphyxiate gases.

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Peristaltic drain pump as standard
  • Switch selectable, sample, purge and drain times
  • Ease of installation
  • Very low maintenance
  • High reliability
  • 4~20mA signalling

GacVac® Solo+, also available, offers the above features with the added function of sequential sampling between one and eight sample lines, making this ideal for larger tank farms.

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